Handcrafted Wood Products
​from southern new jersey

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Handmade Wood Products from Southern New Jersey

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What is a "Jawn"?
"Jawn" is a term local to the Philadelphia region that can be used to refer to just about anything.

Want to know which tools TheJawnShop uses?

Click on the Amazon logo to visit my affiliate page where you'll find a list of tools and accessories that are used in TheJawnShop!

Purchasing items from the list using the link helps support TheJawnShop.  

What is TheJawnShop?

TheJawnShop is a single car garage workshop in Southern New Jersey. It's the place where I attempt to transform ideas into reality. I'm a "hybrid woodworking" meaning I make the best use of both hand tools and power tools. 

Want to support TheJawnShop?

Buy my stuff! Check out this facebook album to see what kinds of things I've made that are available for sale. A portion of each sale goes towards maintaining trails in the Black Run Preserve in Marlton NJ


Click on this link to see a wish list of tools and supplies needed to help maintain the trails.